Darjeeling Cheslet 200g Wooden Box

Meri Chai Darjeeling Tea is a premium quality long leaf tea, packed with utmost care in a beautiful wooden box that ensures you an artisan cup of 100 percent pure Darjeeling black tea, with its distinctive long tea leaves and the carefully preserved aroma of delicate floral and fruit undertones. It is normally served as a black tea with lemon or honey to add flavor. Tea lovers around the world recommend that Darjeeling Tea is best served in its authentic form, without adding milk and sugar.

Flavor: Discover taste like sweet summer wines, with intense fragrant top notes of musk
Region: Darjeeling
Reddish-brown Color




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Brew the perfect cup:

– Heat fresh water just short of a rolling boil and pour into a Teapot

– Steep one teaspoon per cup of Meri chai Darjeeling Chelselt Tea leaves in the pot

– Cover with a lid and brew for 3 to 5 minutes to suit your taste palette

Best enjoyed as Black Liquor Tea with honey and lime.